Objectives and Vision

Aspiring to be the best as an actor, producer, blogger, defender of free speech and promoter of peace, understanding and positive social change for a better Nigeria.


Dandalin Tallafawa Matasa (Youth Forum) www.dandalintallafawamatasa.ning.com went live on the internet on November 29, 2011, and became an instant success, building bridges amongst northern youth and creating visible impact during the January 2012 fuel subsidy (Occupy Nigeria) protests across the country and follow-up dialogues and peace building between northern Muslim and Christian Youths. Dandali played important role during the “Occupy Nigeria” protests in Kano by bringing together Muslim and Christian youths, who protected each other during the protests, resulting in the first ever exchange of visits to Churches by Muslim leaders and similar visits to Mosques by Christian leaders in Kano and other northern states such as Plateau, Kaduna, Bauchi, Gombe and Sokoto. Despite the challenges and threats posed by the January 17, 2012 bombings in Kano and incessant bomb attacks across the north, Dandali forged ahead (at least online) as curfew and restrictions on movements curtailed physical meetings in large gatherings. Dandali Youth Forum remains focused, swims against the tide and grows in strength despite the odds. The Forum’s messages continues to counter hate ideology, to advocate for constructive engagement through dialogue and understanding, love, peace and unity, and to share entrepreneurial ideas, which empowers the youth and reduces their vulnerability to charlatans and hate recruiters.

Date of Birth: 1966, Kano, Nigeria 

Academic Qualification

. Professional Insurer /Broker

. Diploma in Production Management

. Advanced Diploma in Directing and Script Writing

Professional Training About 30.

.Certificates in Film making, Acting for Screen, Directing/Script Witting

.Professional Field:    Film Producer/Director/Script Writer/Actor